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Hi, I’m Kevin Tarca.

I'm a NBPA and FIBA certified agent, and the Founder of Kreation Talent Agency.

If you're on this page I'm willing to bet you are interested in the sports management industry -- and more specifically the sports agent world. If this is true, and you're hoping to learn more about what agents really do and how to get your own agent certifications, then you're in the right place!

When I first got interested in becoming an agent in 2012, I had NO IDEA where to start.

I was trying to google information and ask everyone I knew, but I was far from learning anything.

In 2015 I took a big leap of faith. I decided to quit my job and give the agent path a shot.

I packed up my car and drove from New Jersey to Los Angeles to knock on doors (figuratively and literally), and attempt to get my foot in the industry any way I could!

After a few bumps in the road, I finally got a chance to intern with a small startup agency.

I was working for free, but getting my first experience in the industry I had been dreaming of!

Fast forward to 2016 and I took advantage of an opportunity that would change my life forever.

I had the chance to get a masters degree from a program overseas run by the Euroleague front office and a University in Italy. There were some risks involved, so this was my second big leap of faith.

During that program I lived out of a suitcase for more than a year. I immersed myself in 20+ new cultures and built a foundation of basketball relationships, most of which still exist today!

Despite the fantastic experience -- I don't want you to think it was all rainbows and butterflies!

I was not being 'wined and dined' on some fancy instagram influencer vacation. I was sleeping in hostels, working out of wifi in office hallways, and on a few different occasions I ran out of money!

enjoying some wifi in an office building hallway in Armenia

finding out I had no money left at an ATM in Germany

Despite the challenges of trying to figure out this agent thing, that first trip was life changing. I met with decision makers, analyzed the game in many markets, and slowly but surely began to get a feel for the business model that seemed to make sports agents successful.

When I graduated from the program, I naively thought there would be agencies lining up to offer me a job. I mean, who wouldn't want someone with my international experience and relentless work ethic??

Little did I know, I was in for yet another obstacle in the road. Despite reaching out to more than 50 USA based basketball agents with customized hand written letters, I found myself lost yet again.

There is no proper definition of success in this business. You must create that meaning for yourself.

But I can tell you this; it involves much more than simply signing a client and collecting a check!

with Tamás & KTA client Kam Taylor in Bamberg, Germany

With KTA client Anthony Green after a game in Coruña, Spain

If I had to guess, your two biggest obstacles right now are:

1) the lack of knowledge
2) the lack of patience

To find yourself on a path towards any type of success as an agent, you have to embrace the process of building relationships & learn how to gain access to decision makers.

There's no getting around it.

I will be the first to tell you that I have MUCH more learning to do.

I am proud of the success I've created for myself so far, but there is always room for growth. As I continue along my individual pursuit of success, I want to give you a front row seat.

I want to share with you all the knowledge that I wish I had in 2012.

I want to teach you everything that I have learned. From where to start. To how you can get your agent license. To what role at an agency will fit you the best. To recruiting strategies. And much more.

I know what it feels like to be hungry to learn. So if you are still reading this...

...and you're still interested in listening to that voice in your head telling you to come down this path...

... I hope I get the pleasure of helping you along your journey!

The Sports Agent Educational Journey
During "The Sports Agent Educational Journey" You Will:
  • Understand the basic framework of a day in the life of a sports agent
  • Comprehend the business models and strategy of sports agencies
  • Learn where to go and how to apply for your agent certifications
  • ​Identify where your skill sets can add value to an agency
  • ​Be given access to tools used by current sports agents
  • ​Differentiate yourself from other aspiring agents
  • ​and much more...
Here's Everything You Will Get Access to:

"So You Wanna Be An Agent" Online Course

($97 value)

This online course makes it easy to learn the basics of the sports agent industry which enables you to instantly have access to resources that took me years to figure out and save time scratching and clawing through the internet and get directly to the content

Monthly Interactive Zoom Video Chats

($297 value)

I will host private monthly video chats for the people who purchase this course. Each month I'll cover new topics and answer questions live. We will also bring on some guests that will be sharing their perspectives on the sports industry (coaches, agents, front office personnel, etc).

Private Members Networking Area

($297 value)

This will be a private group where I'll post links to the latest news, industry trends, bonus videos and more resources. Most importantly you'll have access to a community with like minded individuals. Remember,  your network is one of the most important keys to your success!
And, on this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses that you won't find anywhere else!
Bonus #1 - Pro Prospect List Template

Stay Organized While Recruiting ($27 Value)

Access to my personal excel template which you can use to keep track of your recruiting list. Keep track of player names, schools, statistics, projections and more.
Bonus #2 - Live Event Recruiting Template

Stay Organized During Live Events ($27 Value)

Access to my personal excel template which you can use to efficiently take notes during live events. Instead of trying to remember what happened after the game, you can quickly record notes in this template and spend more time focusing on the game!

What People Are Saying!

Kostas Psimoulis 🇬🇷

Scout and Operations Director @ Eurohoops

"As a scout I get to see players from many different countries. But it's difficult to see what happens behind the scenes of agencies and player transactions. This course was a great way to learn the basics of what happens on the agent side of the business."

Kevin Schepmans 🇪🇸

Founder @ EI Timeout & International Scout

"A resource for not only prospective agents and players, but anyone interested in the business side of the sport. Kevin showcases a lot of interesting topics in a concise manner with great depth and care. He delivers sound knowledge on international basketball and its intricate pathways. A must-have course!"

Samantha Guastella 🇺🇸

Asst Women's Coach @ Temple University

"As a former professional player overseas and a current college coach, this course is an incredible window into the life of an agent and the world of overseas pro hoops. It’s an awesome tool if you are serious about wanting to further gain knowledge and begin your career. This was designed by someone who I know has started from the ground up and is ready to show others the way to succeed!"

Ashton Gibbs 🇺🇸

Dir of Player Development @ Duquesne University

"Great insight for anyone who wants to become an agent. The course gives you in depth knowledge that anyone involved with basketball can benefit from. Kevin is a star in the making."

Vujadin Subotic 🇲🇪

Vice President & FIBA Certified Agent @ 011 Sports

"Definitely useful for someone who wants to get started on the path to becoming an agent. There is access to information so you can see what agent life is really like!"

Greg Tarca 🇺🇸

Director of Basketball Ops @ Lehigh University

"We have many guys who want to continue playing basketball at the next level after their career at Lehigh. This course gives us valuable insight into that process, which we can use to give our players support and guidance along the way.
Here’s A Recap Of
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  •  "So You Wanna Be An Agent" Online Course ($97 Value)
  •  Monthly Interactive Zoom Video Chats ($297 Value)
  •  Private Members Networking Area ($297 Value)
  •  Bonus #1 Pro Prospect List Template ($27 Value)
  •  Bonus #2 Live Event Notes Template ($27 Value)
Total Value of Package: $745
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